20 Things You Didn’t Know About Maryland

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1. The Baltimore Raven’s are named after Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem, “The Raven.”

2. 90% of Natty Boh sales are right here in Maryland.

3. Natty Boh was the first brewing company to start selling six packs of beer.

4. The Maryland Gazette is the oldest published newspaper in the country.

5. David Hasselhoff was born in Baltimore.

6. Annapolis is known as the sailing capital of the world.

7. Maryland is known for their delicious blue crabs.

8. The National Aquarium in the Inner Harbor contains 750 different species.

9. The lowest land point in Maryland is referred to as the “bloody point hole.”

10. Maryland has been home to some of the oldest living people.


11. Marylanders get to experience all four seasons.

12. The flag is based on the coats of the Calvert family.

13. Maryland has a variety of terrain, everything from mountains, to farm, to beaches.

14. Maryland was the first state to enact Women’a Compensation laws.

15. Maryland gave up some of its land for Washington D.C.

16. No one is 100% how Assateague ended up with wild ponies.

17. The first dental school opened up at University of Maryland.

18. The aquarium holds more than 2.2 million gallons of water.

19. There is a town called Chevery Chase (but it was named long before the SNL star).

20. Lacrosse became the official sport of Maryland in 2004.