Will Ferrell Crowned Best SNL Cast Member

Voted on by SNL die-hards and others who stumbled onto the website in search of in-depth fantasy football coverage, Ferrell entered the tournament as the favorite and cruised straight to the finals before finally facing some close, but not too close, competition in the late, great Phil Hartman.

Of course, one could argue that comedy is subjective and that no one can ever really be “the best” at comedy, to which we’d argue this bracket proves otherwise and Will Ferrell is, in fact, the best at comedy.

And you know who agrees with us? None other than Ferrell’s very own SNL castmates. Below is a touching tribute that aired during Will’s final show. As always, Tracy Morgan’s words are especially poignant in a time such as this. The only thing it could use? More cowbell.

Courtesy of http://www.funnyordie.com/