Time To Get Sharkfaced

The staff here at Queue U like to keep the game more on the simpler end of things but don't you worry, these rules are solid, so prepare yourself for what's ahead of you. We all know that NOBODY enjoys trying to remember a ridiculous amount of rules, so we are sticking to just a few classics. Grab yourself a cold thirty pack of Land Sharks, throw them in your favorite cooler, and get ready to get sharkfaced friends.

1. The Slow Mo Will Get You

Every time a Great White is out of the water you must drink until it is completely back in the water (don't forget about replays).

2. The Cage

Any time someone gets in a steel cage to swim with the sharks, take two sips.

3. No One Really Likes Blood, But We Do Really Like To Drink Right?

No need for a picture on this one. But, anytime you see blood, drink until you can no longer see anymore red.

4. Half a Board? Half a Beer.

Whenever you see a surf board get bitten, drink half of your brew!

5. Go Seal, Go!

If a seal manages to escape a shark, a shot gun or beer bong must be taken. No excuses (replays do not apply to this rule).

Mix It Up!

If you happen to have a fake mustache laying around or anything that resembles one, take a small piece of tape and put that bad boy up on the screen. Anytime the mustache lines up with a shark, or a human, take a drink! If you're real ambitious, use two staches. 

Feel free to be creative and add your own rules... we aren't holding you back, these are just our favorites! And don't forget to enjoy yourself getting sharkfaced!